An Interesting Platform for Private Investment

The metropolitan area of ​​Tallahassee develops a robust and solid economy so that by making a quick analysis of the most important indicators, we can conclude what represents an interesting platform for private investment so that interesting business proposals can be established and developed.

The Tallahassee metropolitan area includes the counties of Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon and Wakulla in the center of northwest Florida.

These counties that integrate strongly promote the capacity and potential of this geographical area and profile Tallahassee as a place of great opportunities.

Among the indicators that we consider most relevant, we will show you the following:

Annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP)20012017Percentage Increase
($ Billions)12,5613,8310,11%
Real GDP

You can see here these data in the Annual Gross Domestic Product of Tallahassee had a percentage increase of 10.11%

Annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per Employee20022017Percentage Increase
($ Thousands)7,959958420.42%
Productivity by Employee

On the other hand, the Annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per Employee had a percentage growth of 20.42%

Export Rate20052017Percentage Increase
($ Millions)57,40241,10320.03%
Exports by Sector2017
Machinery Manufacturing M$167,80
Sector Not Disclosed M$40,90
Chemical Manufacturing M$20,40
Transportation Equipment Mfg. M$7,40
Computer and Electronic Product Mfg. M$40,60
Exports of Tallahassee

It is striking how the export sector in the last 12 years has had a percentage growth of 320.03%, this indicator is linked to the indicator provided by the county for the National Bank Reserves of the United States of America.

Next, the indicators in the tourism sector in Leon County

Leon County Tourism20152018Percentage Increase
Visitors to Leon County ($ millions)2,332,371.72%
Economic Impact of Visitors to Leon County ($ millions)763,10910,2019.28%
Visitors to Leon County

While the number of annual visitors increased by 1.72%, the economic impact of these visitors represented an increase of 19.28%

Taxable Sales20062018Percentage Increase
($ Billions)4,445,0213.06%
Annual MSA Totals

On the other hand, the annual taxable sales had an increase of 13.6%

Sales by Category ($ Billions)2018
Consumer Nondurables1,67
Tourism & Recreation0,99
Automibiles & Accessories0,96
Business Related0,76
Construction Related0,38
Consumer Durables0,26
Total Sales ($ Billions)5,02
Taxable Sales

In general terms it can be seen that the economic growth of Tallahassee acid sustainable during the last years and the projection of growth is seen even more solid so if you are interested in living or just invest in Tallahassee you can decide according to the sex you like or the one that best develops you where and how much to invest.

An example of this would be the hospitality industry, which includes the tourism, hotel and restaurant sector, as can be detailed in the above-mentioned indicators. Tallahassee has had an important growth in the last years, also leaving a significant impact on the income of the sector.

To finish we want to invite you to visit the following link which was the source of the statistical data presented here.

Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitality